Any good tutorials on placing lights in rendering?

Title is self explanatory I think. Hope all of you at the shop are doing well.

Lighting strategy is based on the type of model and scene type. So a good start is to identify the type of scene that will be rendered. For instance:

  • Architectural exterior
  • Archtectural interior
  • Product design
  • Car
  • Jewelry
  • Boat

There are many good rendering tutorials or there. Rhino’s tender engine is based on the Cycles render engine that is also in Blender.

Start by identify the scene. Then there is more about each one if these to unlock.

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I’ll pick product design for a thousand :smiley:

I might start with the first one here:

The @theoutside will also have some input on this.

Keeping it simple is key.

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I like this article also, it brings up interesting points:

There are many Rhino videos on you tube.

start super simple.

1 large panel light, nice complimentary environment, low skylight numbers (start like .1).

set the panel light to have inverse squared or linear falloff (liner is easier to control, inverse is more realistic)

then start adjusting (one at a time) the skylight intensity, the reflection values of the materials, and the panel light intensity.

for product shots, I’ll make a seamless backdrop and have the environment show, but use the seamless to block it from the camera, similar to a real studio shot.

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