Lighting and named view questions

Can I edit multiple light properties at the same time?
e.g. Select several similar lights and set all to the same intensity in one shot.

Named views. In Sketchup Scenes are WYSIWIG. When to save a view it saves the render mode, layers on/off, hidden items etc. When switching between scenes all the parameters change to what they were when the view was saved. My saved views in Rhino do not seem to retain these when I switching between views. Saved views seem to be overridden by current settings. I assume I’m missing something?

I’m trying to play with lighting. My shelves in the model are against the wall. I don’t think the shadows are falling correctly. Also the white bar in the corner seems to be some sort of artifact.

You can take a looks at Snapshots in V6. It will let you save multiple scene properties per-snapshot, much like SKP Scenes.