Exporting Named views from Rhino to Sketchup

I am trying to export/save a rhino file to SketchUp along with the saved named views ,I tried all formats possible between the two software, until now straight forward skp works fine for flat surfaces, but none of the formats gives the correct cameras in SketchUp (scenes are imported but they are showing differently in SketchUp)
does anyone have a workaround for that?
thanks in advance

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Have you tried to turn on the “widget” in Named Views Panel before SaveAs SKP? The widget is a piece of geometry representing the Camera and Target. The nice thing with geometry is, that you can actually see it after exporting the file to SketchUp. I think DWG and 3DS also work OK, but have not used them in recent versions of SU.

Hey Tim, thanks for responding
I tried this and unfortunately still no luck

With relation to this topic, the other way around is also a problem. Rhino 7 SR 9 reads a 2020-version of the SKP-fileformat (but not 2021) including the “Scenes” which are imported from SketchUp as “Named Views” in Rhino. Unfortunately the created “Named Views” are all wrong and different if you import the SKP file to a Rhino-template in Millimeters, Centimeters or Meters regardless of the Units in the SKP-file is specified as mm. The results are also different if the Rhino-templates are set to be “Large” or “Small”. I have provided a test file exported from SketchUp 2021 in version 2019 + 2020 plus a PDF showing expected result for comparison.

2xA4_7_Scenes_from_SketchUp_2021_saved_as_version_2020.pdf (192.8 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2019.skp (215.7 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2020.skp (212.3 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_millimeters.3dm (424.4 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_millimeters.3dm (424.3 KB)

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