Light Dome

For whatever reason I all of a sudden I can’t remember where Light Dome is. I just used it a few days ago and now forgot how I got to it. Must be getting old to be this forgetful.

Thanks in advance … All my best … Danny

Is this on a specific rendering engine or plain Rhino?
If the latter, perhaps the skylight helps?

I have both neon and Brazil for rendering I think the Light dome is part of neon. I am mostly playing with various light set ups and again for whatever reason can’t seem to be able to find light dome again. There is another thread near this one where we talked about this exact thing.

All my best … Danny

Must have been having a brain fart … I found it.

All my best … Danny

yea, I guess Brazil > Create Light Dome does the trick :grin:. I wasn’t on a Rhino at the time and forgot to check later…
cheers, w