Light dome script for Flamingo 1.0/1.1?

I am using Rhino 3.0 with Flamingo 1.1, and I remember that in the past there was a script for creating light domes on the plugin page. I cannot find it anymore.

Does anyone have a copy or a link?

(I would love to upgrade, but as I’m only using Rhino a couple of days / weeks per year, the cost is not justifiable to me. I am very much interested in a subscription model where I can pay per use.)

Do you remember the name or the old page to get that script? I cannot find it in any of my archives.

Today, I got feedback from David Rutten. The main tool is called UV.eclipse. He found a backup on his hard disk and shares it online:

Also, on the newsgroup, Micha posted today (2013-06-27 WEST) the Gelfling 4 tools collection, which includes LightDome5.rvb.