License Tranfer (Windows to Mac)

Hi everyone, just a quick question about my Rhino 5 student license.

My laptop was previously partitioned to have both Windows and iOS but I had to get a new one so I no longer have access to Windows on my device. I was wondering if anyone knew if I can transfer my license so I can just use it for my iOS side instead? Is this possible or do I need to purchase the software again?

Thank you!

Unfortunately not, Windows and Mac Rhino are currently two separate products and you need a license for each. There is no “crossgrade” possible.


Maybe it was asked before, but why is that? I cant think of another company having this policy…
And i may add that the decision to make the UX of rhino for mac vastly different from the windows version was also not the best.

I get that these decisions were taken a while ago, and rhino is (unfortunately) bound to windows ui elements, but i really hope that the top priority for v7 is to unify everything. Unity, Nuke, Houdini etc. show how it is done

Well, as far as a “universal” licensing scheme, once the Win and Mac versions are feature parallel (more or less) maybe there will be a change of marketing philosophy. And then again, maybe not…

As far as a uniform cross-platform interface goes though, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that…


for one…
if the licenses were interchangeable, which one would you pay for?

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hmm… i don’t know… i just image searched those 3 programs and they all look like Windows applications which were then copied to Mac.
[edit] well, Unity doesn’t look so off to me[/edit]

personally, i think for a nearly identical customized UI between platforms to work best or to satisfy the majority of users, the program would have to be written from scratch with both OSes in mind…
instead of design everything for Windows then make it look like that on Mac.

or, maybe you’re saying that Rhino for Windows should look like Rhino for Mac? because i guess that’s what you’re saying, right? both versions should look the same?

My point would be that they should look and feel the same, because close to 50% of my students in the last years have macs, and we always have to make them install bootcamp/windows only for rhino.
Partly because of grasshopper, but also there is no point to learn rhino for mac, and then work in an office which uses windows… It it not soo different, but especially for beginners it can be very confusing.
As for me and my peers that are a few years out of school, many have bootcamp/windows only around because of Rhino… everything else in the workflow can be done in macos or linux by now.
(Once one gets finally rid of most autodesk products in the pipeline, which is hard…)

Bottom line - the status quo of the last 20+ years is changing (be it mac or linux) and sooner or later mcneel has to react to be not left behind.

i think it was offered at some point that you can give your licence back to your reseller at any time probably as long as you have a current version and just buy a new one for mac not sure though.

have you tried Grasshopper on Mac?
it’s pretty much identical to Windows.
(though there’s still some missing functionality… i imagine within another year or two, once v6 for Mac has arrived, they’ll be very close in functionality)

but i think you’ll notice Grasshopper is nearly all custom built UI… it’s not Windows and it’s not Mac.

You CAN use grasshopper on the Mac - just test the WIP version of Rhino for Mac.

I’m sorry to resurrect this old topic, but I think it was better to ask here than to create a new post.

Is this meanwhile still the case? I’m asking because at work we have multiple computers both windows and mac. Is it possible now in 2021 to use the same license key for both windows and mac? This is for an art academy, so we are talking educational licenses here.


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Yes, for Rhino 6 and 7, not Rhino 5!

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