Changing to mac...?

I’m looking to replace my computer, and i thought i might take this opportunity jump ship and buy a mac; however, it seems that i would have to buy a new rhino license to get the mac version, even though have a full windows license?

Can someone confirm if this is correct, and if so, what is the reason for this?
I have other software which is able to be installed on either a mac or a windows machine, which is what i would have expected…

Certainly that would be a reason to not buy a mac…


the logic reason into the direction of windows would be because mac has a few things missing still see the list, its also cheaper therefor. the other direction from windows to mac should logically work which it unfortunately does not either AFAIK.

This is correct. Currently Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac are considered as two separate products, there are no cross-platform licenses nor crossgrades possible.


If I were contemplating such a move, I would use Bootcamp and run WinRhino.

I did that for many years and I must say I like OS X and the native Mac version better (I have been able to get along with the missing features so far).


I’d second @Philip so long as missing aspects are not a deal breaker for your workflow. I prefer the Mac version.

That said, I keep the Windows version around ‘just in case’, however, that has been few and far between for me since GH has been functional in the Mac WIP.