License Report Not Displaying Licenses

I’ve had an issue the past few days where my licenses are no longer displayed on my account under my “License Report”.

I own V5, V6, and just purchased V8 upgrade today [all educational].

V8 shows in my CloudZoo after registration, and my previous licenses were accepted during V8 activation for upgrade. No issues there, just in the records of licenses I own.

I have all my receipts, and sales can see my licenses, but they won’t display for me on Chrome, Firefox, OSX, iOS. I have tried clearing my browser cache(s) as well.

They were showing a few weeks ago in Chrome without issue when I was preparing for upgrade and checking my account.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Whoops, that’s my fault. I have just deployed a fix for this. Please verify that it works for you now.

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Yup, all good now! Thanks! :grin:

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