Adding V8 upgrade license to Cloud Zoo - Error

I’ve purchased 5 seats of V8 upgrade and have tried to add the licenses to the Cloud Zoo; however, it has only let me add 2 and then a dialog advises that the licenses are already in use in the Cloud Zoo as per the attached image. No login instructions are ever sent and I have checked everywhere for the licenses to appear in Manage Licenses and there are only the first two that I had been able to submit, I’ve emailed & a number of times and haven’t received any response over the last 3 days,

Any advice to get these licenses on the Zoo?

Ok, solution found:

Create a temporary team;
Add the licenses to that team;
Then add the same licenses to the original team;
Delete temporary team.

Hi Dirk -

I’m glad to hear you found a workaround and sorry you have been experiencing problems with this.
The developer that was assigned to your eMails has been working non-stop trying to resolve issues with the Cloud Zoo and hasn’t surfaced for air just yet…