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I think the answer is no but I thought I’d ask anyway - I have two computers now, busted my budget to get the second computer. I have a license for Rhino 5 and an upgrade to Rhino 6. Do I assume correctly that the limitation of using only one instance of Rhino at a time applies to both licenses? In other words, I can’t have Rhino 5 open on one computer and Rhino 6 on the other?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

That is correct, you still have only one license, so you can’t use it simultaneously on two machines…


Just out of curiosity: what happens if you (accidentely) try to open Rhino simultaneously on two machines?
Does it refute to open on the second machine or does it send a message about the misuse/violation of Eula to McNeel?

I can tell you what happens if you leave one open and activate your license on 2nd machine. 1st machine’s Rhino gets locked, Non-responsive.

I wonder however if you accidently lose internet connection on the first machine, before you take the license on the 2nd one :wink:

Does it become unlocked again after closing the 2nd Rhino?

Btw, I am not looking into a way of tricking McNeel into being able to use two licenses at the same time - on the contrary: i want to avoid to accidentally making the impression of attempting this.

So the real question is: Is it okay to “carelessly” open Rhino on a second computer (McNeels license server will take care of blocking Rhiono on the other computer) or may doing so be interpreted as “suspicious behavior” or some form of “pirating”?

Cheers, Norbert

Well, It happened to me once I used rhino at work and I forgot to close it at home. When I got back home and opened Rhino at first it didn’t respond then the message to take the license appeared and it got unlocked.

Neither am I :). There has to be some kind of mechanism that you can work for a period of time offline. You know for when you’re in at the airport in a plane, train, meeting, etc. This is a good thing and if people start to abuse it we may lose it as an option. I certainly don’t want that.

I completely agree.

Hi @norbert_geelen and @ivelin.peychev

If you go to Rhino Options> Licenses you can see for how long your off-line access runs. I think it’s just over 2 weeks from last online session.


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This should work. You will simply get a message that the license is in use on the other machine and do you want to remove it from there. If you answer yes, you should get the license on the second machine.

You also have about two weeks to work “offline” if the license is already active on the machine before you take it offline.

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Thank you both I didn’t know how long as I use Rhino on a daily basis, mainly from one PC that is always online :slight_smile:

You can have as multiple instances of both V6 and/or V5 open, but only on a single machine.

I had an instance of V6 open on one machine while I was rendering something in V5 on the same machine. I wanted to be able to continue working on a second project while the rendering was going on. Obviously it didn’t work because the renderer was using all the computer’s resources. Damn, another cost to factor in - second license for Rhino.