Licenses questions

Hi Rhino team.

I currently own a Rhino V5 commercial license, single user, for Windows and maybe, in a few weeks, I would need to switch to a new computer while keeping the old one.

What happens if I will install Rhino on the new computer ?
Is it possible to install it on more than one machine while using it only on one machine at a time ?

If this is not the case, what I have to do in order to use Rhino on the new computer ?

Thanks and have a nice day.

  • Marco (mkdm)

What you describe is exactly what the license is designed to allow.

Yes, as long as all the machines are under your control and that Rhino is not used on more than one at a time. --Mitch

Thank you very much.


Have a nice day.

  • Marco (mkdm)