License problems with new windows

im just one user, own a license, but as of late keep getting bounced out of opening a new window of rhino.
it is killing my workflow now as regularly i cant open multiple windows of rhino. no reason is giving for not opening rhino, but if i click over to “license tab” on the open screen that just infinitely hands it says “license requires validation”

what is going on? also need a system for logging in to rhino that does not depend on internet connection.

thank you

Sounds like your license is not validated… how long have you had it?

Is the license installed locally or is it in the Cloud Zoo? If you install it locally you will not need an internet connection - only once to validate it.

You might also run the command SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here for someone to look at.

You have one single computer license in your Cloud Zoo Personal licenses associated with your Rhino login account.
When you run Rhino, choose the Login option and provide your Rhino login account credentials (if asked). You will probably be asked, “Do you want to you your licenses here?”. Answer Yes.
This shifts the license to your current computer.
Since the license is in your Personal licenses, we allow you to move it to another computer as you can’t be at two different computers at the same time.

This is the reason for the Cloud Zoo. It allows you to take turns using a single computer license on multiple computers.

Here is a link to a page in a license choosing Wizard that describes your options:

Does that make more sense now?