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Sorry for the newbie question…I purchased a license last week and Rhino is installed on 2 computers. My associate can use it on her computer. However, when I open it on the 2nd computer and try to validate my license with the email that I purchased it with, it is telling me that I need to validate from another email, but I purchased the product under the email that I’m trying to verify with.

I understand that I can probably only use Rhino at one instance at a time. Do I need Zoo to accomplish what I am trying to do? Thanks!

You can only share a single license between two computers of you install it in the Cloud Zoo or a LAN Zoo, not locally. If it is your license, you would need to remove the license locally from your associate’s computer and create a Rhino account and add the license back in there (Cloud Zoo). You may actually need to get help from to do this if the e-mail address of your Rhino account is different than the one that was used to validate the install on your associate’s computer.

Once the license is successfully installed in your Rhino account in the “teams” section, you can create a team and invite your associate(s). They will then be able to share the license. As it is a single license, you will only be able to have one user at a time, of course.

As an alternative, you could set up a LAN Zoo using the Zoo software, but for smaller installations, it’s probably less work to stick to the cloud zoo.

Thanks for the info. Very helpful!


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