Licence Key

I downloaded Rhino7 on my laptop and it did not work with my student email even though I was connected through a VPN, so I created an account with my personal email. After many tries the licence key I have received on my personal email would not work either. What should I do?

Is this your first free 90-day evaluation license key?
Everyone gets one.

Please define, “…would not work”.

Yes it is.
I typed in the licence key I received and when I click on “Find my key” it says that the key I entered is not validand no licences can be found.

I looked up the email address you are using for the forum.
I see a V7 eval key that was requested and sent today.
The license looks fine on this end.
My best guess is you have entered it incorrectly.

Please send a private message with a screenshot showing the error and what you’re entering.



Hello I am currently having the same issue as user986. Im not sure what to do as I need to get rhino working for a school project!

Hi -

Not really. It looks like you started your 90-day evaluation on December 1st, 2020. It’s almost a year later now, so that evaluation period has passed.

You have been using different eMail addresses to get past the 90-days limit but that loophole was closed. To continue using Rhino, visit the “buy” page on - as a student, you get 80% off for a license that won’t expire and that you can use for commercial work.