Invalid License Key

Hi I downloaded the evaluation rhino windows, however, when I put the license key, it shows that it is not valid or has been disabled. I’ve read the forums but none of them helped me.

I have made three emails and they all do the same thing, thanks

Have you already used the evaluation version previously for 90 days?

No,I created new emails

OK, so this is your first time using the Rhino V7 evaluation?

90 days is all you get - it’s time to buy a license…

So, what, you think that you should be able to use it indefinitely for free?

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Please contact support about license issues.

Do note: If you’ve had a previous evaluation it disqualifies you from pulling another.

I see a history a 8 different V7 eval keys and 11 different email addresses.
Selling Rhino licenses is how we pay for development, support, employee salaries, and to feed and house our families.
Is that too much to ask?



I guess so…