License is not valid or has been blocked?

I have got an account and inpput the license when asked only for it to come back with a message saying it is not valid or has been blocked? i have tried several times and once it even said it is outside the trial period yet it was only activated tday so there should be 90 days

You already had an evaluation period that started in May. You get only one evaluation license. If Rhino is of value to your work you should buy a valid license. Note that if you are a student you can get a student license at a considerable discount - educational licenses can be used for commercial work, also after you graduate.

You can go to Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros to get yours.

in may? I have only just brought this computer

Hi -

The trial period of the evaluation version is not tied to a specific machine.
You can contact to get specific information about your account.

I set up the account today?

I suppose that, in that case, other people are using your eMail address(es). Again, you’ll have to contact to get more information.

Your eval license expired back in August.
You managed to get a second free license before we plugged the hole.

I see you’ve tried a couple times to get another free 90-day eval license.
That isn’t supported. Everyone gets one.

It seems you have determined Rhino is a useful tool for you to own…

I invite you to purchase a permanent license at:
Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements. EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.
If you do not buy a license now and need one after you are no longer a student, it will cost $1,000.

Selling Rhino licenses is how we pay for development, tech support, employee salaries, and to feed and house our families.


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