License in use on a device I can't retrieve

I had a trial version of Rhino7 I was using for file viewing, to check STL files made by my team.
I recently had to move from my old computer to a new laptop, and I completely forgot to uninstall Rhino from the old computer, or remove the licence from it.
I have now downloaded the evaluation Rhino again to use on my laptop, but it says the licence is in use on the old computer, and can’t be used on the new one. The old computer has been refurbished and shipped off by my company, so I have no access to it whatsoever.
Is there any way to remove the licence from the old computer, and use it again on my new laptop?
Thanks to anyone in advance!

Hi Silvia -
For licensing issues, please contact
For what it’s worth, your evaluation version of Rhino 7 expired on April 21, 2021.

Hi Wim,

Thanks, I’m contacting them right away!
I know it’s expired, but it used to be possible to still use Rhino for file viewing after the licence had expired, which is what I’m after here.
Is that still an option? Or does the software just become unusable now once the trial period has ran out?

Hi Silvia -

No, you should still be able to use expired versions as a viewer. You might want to make it clear in your conversation with Sales that this is the intention.