License gone on every update

Today 6.9 came in.
And the license is gone again, as with previous RCs.

The license is a NFR.
Which has to be activated every time.

How to avoid that?


This dialog should be seen on the taskbar.
It is not.

Hi Charles,

That’s odd - doesn’t happen here with my NFR. Have you installed your license in the cloud, or are you using it locally?


Hello Mitch

Locally only on all PCs.

OK, that might be the difference, mine is in the cloud zoo.


Do you know more?

Hi Charles - I do not, but I am checking with @aj1.


Thinking out loud…
I wonder of there are old LIC or TMP files laying around in %programdata% or %appdata%?

I’m not sure what it could be, but it seems like the license files are getting wiped out every time an update happens–which is not the norm. Is there a way you can confirm this? The license files are stored in %programdata%/mcneel and end with .lic

I made a copy of the license file in the same folder for now and made it read-only.
I’ll report what happens with the next SR Candidate.

No, there is only a single file in
C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses

Very strange.
When Rhino is installed that LIC file does not exist.
When you run Rhino the first time and choose a licensing method (Login cloud zoo, Stand-alone, or LAN Zoo), then the LIC file is created.

If you uninstall V6, then the license validation is returned to our servers so you can deploy it using a different method.
If you just run the background downloaded update or manually download and install a newer version, the LIC file is not touched.
When Rhino starts, it reads the file.

Is there anything in your update process that might be messing with that file?


A few minutes ago an update came in.
This time I watched what is going on more closely.
And you can as well, see video.

I copied a copy of the lic file back to the folder.
And started Rhino - works without asking for a license.

I think the Installer shouldn’t silently remove the license.

Can it be that it has to do with the English language pack that gets downloaded?

We are working on a very similar appearing problem in 6.9 now that could be related to this.
@brian has been working very hard on it.

Are these automatic updates, or are you pushing them onto the workstations using a command script? If it’s the latter, then this is the problem we’re working on.

@charles can you please send me the logs for the installer via private message?

  1. Open My Computer
  2. In the Address bar, type %TEMP% and press Enter
  3. Find all the files named Rhino_*.log and zip them up
  4. Send them to me

This will help me see what’s removing the license.




We haven’t seen that before.

Hi Charles, I’m curious if the latest SR9 Release Candidate fixes this for you? If not, please send me another set of logs.