Rhino 5 and 6 local User Appdata

Hello there,

we have here a problem from a user, who can’t get a license from the license server when he starts Rhino 5 or 6. I checked on the lic server and see there are enough license free. A restart of the PC doesn’t help.
First I thought that his PC is toast, but when I log out and log in as another user on this PC, then everything works like a charm. So I suppose it has todo with some Rhino Config or Cache Files.
Can someone tell me, which Appdata Folder (or whatever) I have to delete to get mainly a fresh Rhino ?? THX a lot


Hi Peter,

Deleting the content of this folder will clear Rhino 6 & 7 licenses from the machine, but ideally the license validation would be removed from the license server as well.


C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses

Licensing issues such as this are best handled by contacting Tech Support Rhino - Rhino Support

Hi @Peter_Dornauer,

Here is the Zoo home page, which has some good troubleshooting information.


You might start with the Zoo Diagnostic utility


This info can also be helpful.


– Dale

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Hi Dale, THX for your input ! It is highly appreciated :-).
Most of the Info I was aware of, but for example the Diagnostic Utility → Is something new :wink:

The problem was something else → you can see it in the answer to Japhy.

THX, Peter

Hi Japhy,

thx for your answer. After digging deeper, I found out the reason: he couldn’t start Rhino, because on the ZOO it showed that he already has taken one license !!! Interestingly also after 15 minutes (the orphaned Time) the zoo didn’t release the license and we still couldn’t start Rhino with this username. I had to kick him from the Zoo and then it was possible. I don’t know, what was exactly happening and why…but the problem was solved.
And your Info I wrote into our company documentation, maybe it comes in handy soon :-).

THX a lot, Peter