License change bug

So, I need to change a license on one computer. I close Rhino, go to

C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses

and remove the .lic file that is there. Then I relaunch Rhino. I get the dialog that says it didn’t find a license. There are buttons “Enter a license”, “Buy a license” and “Use Zoo” and “Cancel”.

I hit the button “Enter a license”… The dialog closes and… and… and… nothing happens.

So, no way to put in the new license… :angry:


Hi Mitch- I just did that here and it all worked, which is too bad since it will make it harder to find and fix… I guess there is no dialog lurking on a second screen or behind another application?

@brian, any idea?


Nope, checked for that… Will try again tomorrow morning, this afternoon I needed a functioning Rhino, so I reinstated the original license.


Still nothing…

I’m about to do this here. Is the problem resolved?

I was able to help Mitch with this by doing a remote session on his computer. Unfortunately I can’t remember what I did to fix it :confused: