License expired error


can’t open Rhino6 anymore. I bought the educational license 2 month ago I think.
On the Homepage under license, it’s still in and I’m told it’s currently used. Since today when I want to open Rhino this Shows up:


Yeah, had this happen this morning, just got off the phone after nearly an hour with a commercial client trying to figure out what was going on. His license was valid and he was logged in to his Rhino account. Basically we had to log out of his Rhino account, log back in again, kill any running Rhino related process in Task manager, then re-open Rhino and have it try to connect again… Finally we got it working, but I don’t know why, we tried a whole bunch of stuff. @brian, this basically sucks…

Relogging and closing rhino between doesn’t helped. :confused:

Hmm, it thinks your license is in use?

In your account on the license page, if you click on the little number under “live usage”, does it tell you who’s using the license or any other info?

under the license Task, it tolds me it’s curently used. But when I clck on it, nothing appears.

You need to remove the Beta version, it is expired…

Ok, I’m an idiot… :smiley: Thank you very much!