License says expired but not expired

When I try to open rhino a pop up comes up asking me to enter my email but when I do it says there’s no license key associated with the email & when I enter the key it says it’s expired but the email I initially got says my trial ends Nov. 22 & it is currently Nov. 8.
When I tried getting a new key it says the same thing.
How do I fix it

Hello - you get one evaluation period only, after which you need to buy a license; it appears you’ve already used up several evaluations under various email addresses. Please contact if you think this is in error.


I see you have used 5 different email addresses attempting to get additional free eval licenses.


When I open Rhino it says “This application is due to expire within the next 1 days. If you do not get your software supplier to extend the expiry date, the application will stop running.”

Why is this? I have purchased a license a couple years ago, and when I log into my Rhino account it says I still have a valid license. How do I fix this? I would like to use Rhino tomorrow!

Thank you!

What is giving you that message? Rhino 7? The WIP? (Which expires on a regular basis.) The verbiage doesn’t even sound like it’s from Rhino, unless that’s a translation.

I don’t think that message is coming from Rhino.
Probably from a plug-in.

Maybe a screenshot would help?
Usually the container the error message is in will be identified.

What plug-ins are you running?

I just looked and there is no problem with your Rhino license.

My guess is a license from some so far unknown plug-in is expiring

Hi John and Jim.

Thank you for looking into this for me. Hmm, the only plugin I have (asides from grasshopper plugins) is Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino. I’ll look into it.


hi, I am trying to log in on Rhino with my school User on my laptop (which works perfectly in my school computer lab) but I keep getting a message saying that there are no license associated with the user when I know there is.

Email Tech Support to sort it out. Thanks