Rhino 4 expired

I bought Rhino 4 (Windows) full price commercial version IIRC around 10 years ago. It has been transferred from PC to PC over that time and I love it. I tried to use it recently and it gives me this popup:
The Rhino web site says all licences are permanent and do not expire. How do I get my version to run again?

Barry what operating system are you using? This might be an issue of compatibility.

Sorry, I just reentered the licence key from the CD box and it opened fine. Hadn’t tried that :confused: Many thanks, deleting post now :slight_smile:

OK, can’t delete topic, but consider it closed. TVM.

That symptom is an oddity of V4.
When Rhino can not read the license information in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\System\rhino.key
It incorrectly reports the license is expired.

Entering the license key again as you did is the fix.

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