License error

Created a new account in rhino, a fresh license came to the mail. I entered a license on the rhino website, but when I run the program, it gives out an expired license. At the same time, I entered the mail and a fresh license when the program was launched. did this with 3 accounts, gives the same thing

It’s time to pay up. I think the over-the-top crying emoji should have been a hint. It’s the brazen lying that’s most galling about these posts, “I’ve been defrauding McNeel and been caught, I’m going to contact official support and claim I have an ‘error.’” Seriously.

Evaluation licenses are per person. And you get one per person.

Trying to get around that is not allowed.

Visiting Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros should get you on the road to a usable Rhino installation.

Hi -

As explained by the others, once your 90-day evaluation is over, you can’t renew that evaluation period by creating new accounts. At that point, if you want to continue using Rhino, you need to buy a license.

All that said, why did you create a new account? Your first 90-day evaluation period will only end on March 14th. You can continue using the license that ends with 808X until that date. If you are experiencing problems with this, please write an eMail to