Licence stays in use because of Rhino update window

Hi all,

We have 11 licences of Rhino all stored in our Rhino Account. When I was looking in our Rhino account, I could see that all the licences were in use but we had a user stating he was not using Rhino. We found that the licence was still seen as active because that user did not see the Rhino update window through all his opened softwares and did not close it. Since we had that problem a couple of times, I was wondering if their could be a delay where the Rhino update window closes by itself after a while and would make the licence available allowing other users to retrieve the licence.


Or at least check for the update window and close it when Rhino is closed?


The way Rhino 6 license management currently works is: if the process is running, then a license is in use. We realize this isn’t optimal in some cases such as the one you described, but it would have taken much more development effort to have Rhino tell the license manager when it was being used, since Rhino was not designed 20+ years ago in this fashion. We are looking to see what we can improve in version 7 since there should be a bit of more room for this topic.