Licence required for Rhino.Inside

Hi there,

I have a customer inquiry - once V7 comes out, will a Rhino V6 license be sufficient to run Rhino.Inside, or will they be required to upgrade to V7?


It requires V7. The technology to run it requires a complete refactoring of the rhino libraries.

OK, but now you can run it with a V6 license key, because the WIP is still using the V6 license. So I guess when V7 comes out, once the last Beta expires, the user will have to buy an upgrade to continue with Rhino.Inside? Or will that happen immediately when V7 is released?

Yes, currently Rhino 7 WIP runs on a Rhino 6 license. At some point we move to Rhino 7 Beta keys. These are time stamped keys and allow for a grace period after Rhino 7 is released. Before that grace period and probably within the 90 day Rhino 7 evaluation, the customer will need to update.

So there is some wiggle room.

OK, thanks Scott, that’s the answer I needed.