Rhino 7 license and previous versions

Will Rhino 7 license allow users to use previous versions, like 5 and 6, similary as it was with Rhino 6 license?

If you have bought the previous licenses and have the license keys, yes.

However, If someone buys only V7 as a new license (without having licenses from previous versions) then no, they will not be able to run previous versions with their V7 license key.

In short, you need a license key which corresponds to the version for each version - later version license keys cannot run earlier versions.

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Do you have any idea if the direct upgrade V5 to V7 will be possible?
I own private V5 and have corporate V6 but I’m thinking of having valid licence on my own too.

Yes, any previous version of Rhino has always been valid for an upgrade to the latest.

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Great! Thanks.

Thank you for answers.

To expand this topic a bit, currently buying new copy of Rhino 6 will give access to Rhino 5 key (due to kind policy of McNeel) on which I may use specific plugins which are running only on Rhino 5 due to lack of development. Will there be a way to get access to Rhino 5 by buying new copy from reseller when Rhino 7 will be launched?

If not, then I asusme only way to increase number of working designers in team is to convince plugin developer to arrange plugin upgrade for Rhino 7, or buy source code from him and do it by myself?

Can’t say. As V5 is now like 8 years old, I don’t know if McNeel will continue their “legacy” policy. There seemed to be two major plug-ins that caused problems - the ones that Autodesk bought, T-Splines and VSR. T-Splines has been more or less made redundant by SubD in V7, but the VSR functionality remains mostly unsolved in Rhino.

Some V6 plug-ins may run in V7 with little adaptation. Active plug-in developers will want to keep current if they want to continue selling/supporting their plug-ins. Some stuff will also possibly disappear (there is a thread here about a V6 plug-in developed by someone who has now passed away for example).

Obviously companies like Autodesk are not going to do anything in this regard. And I don’t think it will be possible to buy their source code… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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