Rhino pdf quality

Hei, Iam having a big with print Quality Rhino PDFs from Rhino layouts. Texts, Leaders… are pixelated. Even though when i look to the layout in Rhino, it is very quality. Images below explains more:

Here is the PDf which is printed with bad quality:

Here is my printing settings:

I have Been trying to change resolution but didnt help.

how to fix that?

Thanks for the help

Hi -

Without the 3dm file, I cannot be sure, but it looks like you are printing a layout in which you have details that are in a shaded mode. Those details appear to be annotated in the model space.
When a detail is in a shaded display mode, the PDF output for that detail will be in raster format and thus pixelated.

We recommend doing all annotations in paper space, i.e. on the layout. That way, they will be printed in vector format. The alternative is to put the display mode of the detail in Wireframe mode.

Thanks a lot. Yes i fixed it. As you said it is pixelated because the windows are in Shaded mode. I changed to wireframe and it is working very good.