Layout Texture Print to PDF missing


I have a rather unusual problem, or at least I couldn’t find it on the forum. Well, when using rhino pdf when exporting above a resolution of 120 point / inch, it does not print textures in the project, as if it was able to export them to a certain point. I have no idea how to deal with it.


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I actually have a second question, I’ve set all section views to have a black fill, it works everywhere except for one view, where fills are white

. Why? All clipping plans are on the same layer.

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Idk about the second question. And not really sure what you’re asking in the first question.

But I’m quite familiar with issues associated with getting Rhino to print exactly what you see in your viewport.

The shortest term solution is to ‘viewcapturetofile’ or printscreen.

The problem there however is the resolution you choose, if being different than your screen, then similar problems will occur.

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thanks for the answer, that’s how it is for the second question, but for the first one. It’s the textures that are not exported from rhino in their entirety. As if when increasing the resolution it was not able to 100% export textures to pdf
1 st question

2 nd question

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Yeah that’s weird. Does 300 dpi have the same outcome?

a little more texture. 120 did the job, at 130 was te same problem

abaout big picture of my works,

Drawings are mainly used for communication with subcontractors, so I don’t need everything to be 100% the same as in rhino, I mean that if I actually insert something there, e.g. stone 1:1, so that I can send it to the subcontractor with dimensions and signature. I do not want to use add-ons in the form of adobe illustrator. I try to make the project 100% rhino-processed to save time on preparing project guidelines

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yeah idk, I would try microsoft permutation maybe …

…and does vector or raster type matter for pdf?

I always get those confused, I know one’s better for pictures for photoshop…

guess there’s pros n cons though.

same results unfortunately.

120 dpi.pdf (167.8 KB)
150 dpi.pdf (547.1 KB)
300 dpi.pdf (2.0 MB)
600 dpi.pdf (2.3 MB)

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It almost looked like the print preview on one looked fine, but the output in that other dialogue was different.

i have no idea, this are my two main problems with layout, can find any solution, triend on geforce and redeon, maybe textures are too big like, rhino can’t handle 23 textures that are 2032 x 720 pixels each

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That’s weird. Seems like 120 dpi works.

It’s something to do with the size ratio versus the dpi plus maybe the source texture data…

Obviously it would be nice if Rhino made the easier to fix. :sweat_smile:

You might get better results using ’ -viewcapturetofile ’ and just creating a nice image to print to pdf afterwards with a different software dialogue maybe windows version idk.

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hmm, I’m also curious if something in the particular display mode is causing some kinda mismatch down the road…

:sweat_smile: :grin: sounds fun. Hmmm yeah sometimes I just ‘print screen’ to save time, but it’s not really good enough if you want a really nice rendering or something.

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Yes, that’s true, but for a long time I’ve been trying to embrace my work flow in rhino, so that one model is suitable for visualization for the client, and then for preparing drawings for the subcontractor, possibly sending the model to him, and everything is best for it to work in the worksession and blocks: D

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I tried different settings but they didn’t have much effect on the layout itself.

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well it works for enscape :slight_smile:

and for most part for layout until now

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Well that looks awesome :sunglasses:

Maybe try the Rhino8WIP :sweat_smile:

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Thank You!

I will definitely try, but this project was created for rhino 7 and I didn’t want to transfer everything to rhino 8, I decided that I would somehow figure out what it would look like and try to handle later projects on rhino 8. I was hoping that after all there is a solution in rhino 7 that I don’t know about because I have a few more projects started on rhino 7 and I don’t want to redo them :smiley:

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Yeah understandable. Maybe you can upload samples for others of us to mess with and recreate or isolate the issue?

So, far I can only have theories similar to what I’ve experienced, but would be interesting if this issue can be isolated to any specific combinations of settings, etc.

Sure! I’ll make a filepack :slight_smile:

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