Let's talk about Grasshopper 2.0

This looks amazing!! Great work David (and McNeel team)!

At the moment there’s still a separate file. I’ve logged it on our YT system.


Grasshopper uses functionality provided by Rhino, but it doesn’t really tell Rhino what to do. All the calculations and data handling are done by Grasshopper itself, sometimes using Rhino SDK methods.

“[…] or is Rhino 8 adding appropriate multi-threading capability to it’s core functionality?”

A lot of work is also going into multi-threading Rhino, but it’s fairly separate projects. In fact there’s a certain amount of counter-productivity here, if both Rhino and Grasshopper put a lot of effort into multi-threading something then you get twice the overhead without any additional speed benefits. So we have to be careful about enabling the multi-threading in GH when it’s using an already multi-threaded function.

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Bug (i think?): Offset mesh bakes geometry on every iteration of the input

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Are any plugin developers being given early access to what they need to port their tools to GH2? Especially the most downloaded plugins?

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Looks like you found a debugging leftover. Oops.
Logged under RH-68123.


Is there any difference between “Pt”(point) and “Ps” (point)?
Shouldn’t be the same initials?


I think that’s a mistaken left-over from when I used the ‘s’ suffix to signal plurals. I changed it to “Pt”.

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Hey David, so many things!! But I will just ask, will there be a C#/Python component in the future? Also, how do you create a library (GHA) for G2? Similar with G1? Should we expect the same pattern as on G1? Cheers!

Of course there will be scripting components in the future. We are working on a big update to C#/Python/VB scripting in general in Rhino 8 Rhino 8 Feature: RhinoCode (CPython, CSharp). There will first be some new scripting components that should show up in GH1 “soon-ish” that work with Rhino’s new scripting framework. Once the updated scripting components for GH1 get polished we can invest time into adding these to GH2.

As this is the initial release of GH2 alpha there is no official SDK. Code is currently changing way too much and way to often to be able to provide any sort of SDK for 3rd party component development. The overall process of compiling custom components will be similar, but as this is a completely different library than GH1 there are obviously going to be differences.


Colour picker wont apply changes in colour options.
Raspberry 4life.

Is it intentional for the gradient component to duplicate its window every time you click to open it?

unhandled error occurs when I click on preference

Thank you very much that is awesome!

If it is possible to save Grasshopper data inside a Rhino file, maybe be even several (unrelated) definitions could be saved (like named C-Planes for example):



In addition to what Steve said, grasshopper 2.0 uses the *.rhp extension for plugins, which means you can create a single plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper in the future. But there’s still a lot of work to be done on plugin loading and Yak integration, we won’t start to seriously support plugin development for a few months yet.


Try updating, I released alpha-2 about an hour ago.


Nope, that’s a bug.

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Are my favorite plug-in developers feverishly pecking away at their keyboards right now trying to be the first to release their own g2 alpha, or is a developer toolkit a long way off?

@andheum already hacked one together. I’m sure there will be people hacking away at this pretty soon and their plug-ins will break when we change code in GH2.


Make it open source and stop the nonsense.


Congrats to @DavidRutten and the McNeel Team. It’s not finished, but it is already a joy — full of the care, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that made the original so successful. I’ll probably circle back w/ feedback + ideas + bug reports but for now: thanks for the next evolution of this amazing tool, and thanks for sharing it with us!!!