Grasshopper 2, 3... Development Roadmap

Hi David,

Recently I visited your YouTube channel (which was very quiet for a while ) and I saw an amazing progress you are doing with GH2.

I want to thank you for all the effort you are putting into this. And really like a new GH2 UI.

I was wondering if there is any plans to have an open for the community a roadmap for GH2 development? Things you are working on or thinking to introduce.

There are lots of posts here asking different questions, but we don’t have one place to get a feel of what to expect and when.

Like Unity or UE :

I appreciate everything you are doing for GH, and I know how many times you were asked “when?” but since 2007 the only answer we always get is “when it is ready” :smile:

Maybe McNeel would consider to share a bit more often ?

Thank you,

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Okay this is not what you asked for, but it’s the best I can do right now. You can search our feature/bug database for Grasshopper related items scheduled for a Future release assigned to me. That pretty much covers things for Grasshopper 2.0

Now there’s plenty of things that have to happen as part of GH2 which are not on this list, so it really isn’t all that helpful. Also unless you are signed in as a McNeel employee certain items will not be visible to you at all, so you don’t even know how much you’re missing out on…


Thank you David,

It is enough to be able to see a scale of things. And if you have time post on your YouTube channel. It is very impressive stuff!