Grasshopper 2.0 - Submit How-To

Anyone want to add a 1/2 hour long how-to video on getting into grasshopper…??? or provide links on great videos for 2.0 ?

GH2 is still incomplete and many things may change. Probably it’s not a good time to record tutorials yet.


I would like to get an intro (preferably from @DavidRutten0 about the changes to get better understanding of the differences and new components that were added. It’s not necessary that G2 is finished imo.

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What is the timeline on GH2? seems to be missing lots of components?

Hi Arkadius -

We don’t have a timeline on this. It’s actively being worked on every day.

Note that you can use components from Grasshopper 1.

Our forum member @mwickerson started a playlist on his youtube channel
Learning Grasshopper 2.0 at Wickerson Studios - 000_Downloading_G2 - YouTube



Thanks Tay, I have watched lots of his earlier videos, did not check into see whats new, so thanks for pointing me to that.

Thanks, I will look into it, I suppose you are referring to this:

Thanks, that’s great to hear.

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