Grasshopper or Grasshopper 2?

Just a very general question: If someone was to invest their time in either, which one would you recommend right now?

I’m okay at grasshopper 1. I’m also months, if not years away from creating anything that’s revenue-generating.

I know… I should just try it out. But I want to here some opinions from those with even just a little experience with it.


GH1, since GH2 is not yet released. When something doesn’t work as expected, you can assume with higher certainty it is in your code, and not a bug, and are able to get a much larger group of people that can help you out here. Learning how to use grasshopper is mostly learning how to code. Set yourself a target project and see how far you can get, then ask help here when you get stuck.

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I would add, do a project you want to do with GH to see how it caries over time… I love GH, design new things everyday with it. But it took 2-3 years of grinding gears and the search in the forum to get there. Definitely worth it for me. Will it work out for you?

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Agree 99.9% (if the code includes an Offset Curve component, there’s a very good change the problem is that component)

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should be better in Rhino 8 though

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yeah, I saw some encouraging improvements in the WIP