Let's talk about Grasshopper 2.0

I really like the interface & icons & colors. Hope this new code-base opens the door to future optimizations that will eventually outperform GH1 across the board.

This alone already sounds WORTH IT! Thanks for the HUMONGOUS EFFORT AND THE AWESOME PRODUCT @DavidRutten


Meaning of colours in the icons:


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This is low key a “The Office” sketch.


Hello David,
I am very happy to see GH2 going out. Huge and awesome work.

So let’s begin to try the product. I tried to reproduce the last script I did. I didn’t go yet to the end.

Some comments

  • Very good to have an help. There are also new words and their definitions like, Twigonometry.
  • Nice transition to the dark mode.
  • An automatic List of option could be interesting, like for the component expand and its method of expand. I put a slider but a list could be awesome.
  • I miss + CTRL+ALT+Left Button to find where is the component on the tab.
  • If I hit “*” I get “+” on the first place, and if I hit “+” and “+” is on 6th position
  • I miss automatic conversion form Number to Angle but I understand that the radians as default must be annoying for lot of people.
  • I can’t resize the panel!

Some bugs

  1. For the curve through points, I understood periodics means closed and it didn’t worked for me.
    Option 4 is for periodic.

  2. For the Number Sequence, if I set initial to 0 I get 0, 2, 3, 4 … and not 0,1, 2, 3, 4…

  3. I have an error after shifting a list, it is no more an integer at the end !

  4. If help is resized the images are stretched

parametric colmun GH2.ghz (282.8 KB)


Super hyped just for the metadata thing. I suppose we will be able to sort/filter objects based on the metadata value, is it correct? Sometimes I had to create my own metadata parallel datatree and this new feature seems to just do it out of the box.

Is there any chance for loop functions will also be implemented?

Looking forward to try it out!!

This should be fixed now.

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I’m not able to find grasshopper2 in my package manager for rhino 8 wip :eyes:

Rhino 8 wip (8.0.22088.20305, 2022-03-29)

This confused me for a while at first too. There’s a thin region a little way inside the border of panels that you can drag to resize (but no change to a ⬍ ⬌ cursor)

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Hello David,

congratulations, after all the years of hard work. I’m really looking forward to Grasshopper 2.0!

Just a quick question, I haven’t looked into this yet.

Will Grasshopper 2.0 save within a single Rhino file, or will it still be 2 separate files like Grasshopper 1.0?

Best regards

Click on Include pre-relases !!!


Grasshopper 2 saves its own GHZ files.

Thank you for the reply!

Thanks, I finally manage to make it work, but it require a diabolic precision.


Hi Laurent -

Thanks for your feedback!
I expect this thread to become very chaotic quickly - you might want to consider creating new topics for bug reports.

That said…

You can use the Preset Picker parameter for this.

I haven’t looked at your file yet, but that seems to be working in these cases:

Also here, you can use a Preset Picker. There is no option for creating a closed curve yet.

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Gigahertz? :rofl:

As someone who has not needed much beyond the bare Rhino capabilities but nevertheless follows with considerable awe, amazement, respect and admiration the things that others have done with GH1, I am curious. Since GH ultimately tells Rhino what to do I’m wondering if this multi-threading is just part of GH2 doing it’s job of “creating the directions for Rhino” or is Rhino 8 adding appropriate multi-threading capability to it’s core functionality?

In other words, is GH2 multi-threading internally on top of Rhino 8 or is it utilizing new multi-threading functions within the guts of Rhino 8? Or at least is Rhino 8 receiving modified re-entrant multithreadable functions so they can be used in multiple parallel instances?

This looks amazing!! Great work David (and McNeel team)!

At the moment there’s still a separate file. I’ve logged it on our YT system.