Branching columns - recursive growth

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does anyone have clue how to model such a column like shown here:

See the website here:

This is a description but it doesn’t really help me…

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the description of column seems to be that !
The first step of the project involves articulating the surface of the column by using a set of profiles which rotate as they move along the length of the column, carving out material and resulting in these expressive surfaces.”.

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here an example of how to do this type of column
The radius of a column is defined by :

  1. a periodic curve with a number defining the radial symetry (here 7 so 7 bumps)
  2. A base radius
  3. A bump height => max radius = bump height +base radius
  4. Relative bump height defined here with Genepool, you can put more or less points

In order to generate a mesh I took Pufferfish Mesh Pipe, but it could be surely replaced by a custom mesh pipe. The purpose is to have Points and Topology of mesh.
Points of are projected on XY plane, then rotated depending on their height then used to generate a line that is intersected with the profile curve, this give 1 or 2 radius. With these 2 values, I took the max, the min, the sum or just one value. (29.0 KB)