Let's talk about Grasshopper 2.0

One of the things that always make me smile is that the export option on rhino has the different file types listed in alphabetical order, please consider doing the same to the named panels, its just so intuitive do look for stuff in alphabetical order.

@DavidRutten looks like components added through double-click search bar are also not pushed to the undo/redo stack

I’d be very surprised if anything except the simplest of possible tutorials would be applicable between versions.

As for the reason why, GH1 was released publicly very early in its life cycle, and I spend years adding and testing new features and approaches. I made a lot of bad decisions and there was very little consistency in the nomenclature. It takes a lot of effort and discipline to keep on top of language consistency.

So far GH2 is basically a 2-person project rather than a 1-person project*, and that second person is in charge of language quality. Both in the UI and the documentation.**

If ever there was a moment in time when a serious jargon overhaul could be justified, it must be now no?

*ignoring all adjacent work done for distribution, UI platforms and the like.
**Proofing is slow and by necessity lags behind development. At the moment a lot of strings in the alpha version haven’t gone through this process yet.


I think a side tab in Grasshopper window like remote control panel (RCP) to add buttons, named views and favorites components will be useful

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Would be great if I drag a wire from a node and relese the mouse to have a popup (with a search dialog on top) from where to search & choose a desired node.

Wonderful! Thank you david!

Selecting wires is super cool! (but double click to add a relay is no more…)
Anyway, selecting with window is currently a bit problematic because of that, for example when selecting and deleting stuff you also end up deleting unwanted wires:
GH2_selecting wires
I think it would be better to remove wire selection in case of windows-selection, and,
as we have SHIFT key to add to a selection and CTRL key to remove from a selection… maybe can we have ALT key as “also select wires” …?

Now a problem from GH1 present also on this GH2 alpha: dragging amount is not equal for every selected component.
GH2_dragging coordinates
I often pack component near each-other with parameters aligned etc etc… after dragging them around a couple of times (even if grouped) everything is dis-aligned again.
(Also, I see some component still have integer coordinates, but some others (like parameters and panel) have decimals coordinates?)
It would be cool that the dragging amount of the mouse cursor is rounded to integer and then applied to the selected components…

I didn’t manage to create groups on GH2, surely still under wip, but i’d like to suggest some control over them via parameters.
Referring to this: How to manage a big definition? Any tips? , for example, I did use a c# to mass-disable every component in a group.
(I would be ok to use again some c# to manually make that by myself, anyway, but the “refreshing waves” are a bit different to manage… )


Took my first steps with Grasshopper 2. A lot of stuff has evidently changed, but there is so many nice things to discover. Amazing work!

First questions/requests:

  • Ctrl+Q shortcut for toggling preview ON/OFF is a must-have
  • Shortcut G for grafting for example is also mandatory
  • I noticed I could reference an edge curve from a Brep, which is nice, but it doesn’t maintain it’s position if the Rhino object changes shape. Is this even possible Rhinocommon-wise to have as a dynamic reference to Rhino “sub-objects” (edges, vertices, faces etc.)?
  • Is there an already existing shortcut for creating a panel? I use quotation mark (") all the time in GH1.

You can disable wire window selection in the status bar. I imagine depending on how people work it’s either going to be always on or always off, but still, toggling is not too hard.

This has always been a problem, even in GH1. But yeah, we’ll need proper snapping and possibly some sort of auto-layout. Also possibly just ditching floating point coordinates for objects which don’t support that in their layout, which is making this so much worse.

Good idea. Mass enable/disable and show/hide for all objects in a group would be lovely to have. And yes, there’s no groups yet.


I like the new Tuple container and how it works, but wouldn’t it have been better to call it “map”, “dictionary”, or something similar, since its values get accessed by key, and not integer indices like in many programming languages (to avoid confusion)?
But then it can store various types… maybe your right. :sweat_smile:

Well, now that you explained and the existence of proper documentation can eliminate the need for video tutorials, I welcome the change then, sometimes we are too hard on changes and don’t see they exist for a reason. (Guess I am still grumpy with Battlefield Devs lol)

A second feedback/request then… would it be possible to have something similar to the help panel from Rhino in grasshopper? A docked auto-updating help panel that shows the documentation for the last component you placed, I would gladly give up some spance from the canvas in exchange of that, since I am a single monitor/laptop user.

Any chance you can send a link over to what your using as a proxy for the SDK?

Thanks @DavidRutten, I’m gonna just go ahead and ask the BIG question. Any plans on supporting looping natively?


Hi @Michael_Pryor ,

This is what he said a little earlier, so hopefully yes:


Just do what anemone is doing (similar like Houdini), I’m sure @MateuszZwierzycki wouldn’t mind. It’s the best way to go about it I think.


Yes, loops please!

A “proper documentation” doesn’t eliminate the need for good tutorials.

I believe something like this being worked on. Check this out:

Can we also have “Animate” with Number Slider (I think it’s missing right now)?


I’m sure that’s possible. Good idea.


If you’re not seeing images in the documentation, you’ll need to update your OSX. This is a known but seemingly unfixable problem on pre Monterey versions.

A bit out there, but this has been in my mind for a while that this is related to. So here we go:

A sidebar in Grasshopper would be great to allow adjustments of multiple nodes at once. So, instead of right-clicking on items individually, that same menu could be the properties in a sidebar, similar to the properties in Rhino. And if multiple items are selected, their common properties could be seen and more importantly, adjusted at once together.

For example, grafting and simplifying when merging data together. It takes a lot of time to graft, for example each input data individually by right-clicking on each separate input.

It might be a bit tricky I suppose to know which component to show in a potential sidebar properties when there are usually three - one for a given input, one general properties for a node, and one for a given output of a node. There could be focus areas, like clicking an input area could expose the input properties. It could certainly be a head-scratcher thingy, but, if there is somehow a way to adjust multiple properties at ones, that would significantly improve the overall user experience.

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So there should be images in the documentation?