Lego Mondays Rhino3d + Vray



Personal project i began some weeks ago…

Three lego budies sharing an IKEA shelf…

You can visit the site!! LEGOMONDAYS


Thank you nachetz, it’s beautiful. Got to try something similar! :slight_smile:


…very cool.




Thanks!!! show us your process!!


…the jump.


Hey nachetz,

How did you model the Arms of the Lego guys?

Gretes Eike



It was the most difficult part of the Lego… I had to take one arm from a plastic model because i wasn’t able to draw it using the blueprints I found on internet. Always theres was any measure missing so a friend of mine lent me one and i used a caliper.

Anyway i’m looking forward to 3d scan it and check teh results.

It was drawn using several surfaces, mostly loft and srf from 3-4 curves


hey nachetz,

any new projects from your Lego buddies?:slight_smile: looking forward to see some new actions!




Really busy with the Rhino + Vray workshops but we hope to be back soon!!!


…let’s go.