Need advice

Hello everybody I have a body trim peace I want to draw in rhino Mac then render then bring to life as a clay object then make a mold to make my own part from. My question to everyone is what would be your way of going about this just want to see the different ways different people would bring this project to life here is a picture of trim peace hope to hear from a lot of people thank you all

How much experience do you have with Rhino, and with 3D modeling in general? What information about the part do you have - one photo, several photos, the actual part? How accurate does the model need to be?

I have a lot I’m asking how would u approach doing something like this

I would get a 3D scan of the part, and then resurface the mesh in Rhino. Depends how accurate you need to be…

Yeah, getting a reference 3D object in Rhino is the only way to go.
Pictures are not accurate enough so you need the actual piece. Paint it gray and laser scan it or put it on a pole and take lots of pictures of it and use a photogrammetry software.

Then you can start sketching surfaces and curves on the mesh model and use you experience in surface modelling from there. Good luck!