Tool button palette 5 rows

Hi, since I few versions on RhinoWIP I noticed the 5 rows on the tool pallete is now standard. I have this set to four rows. Upon starting up Rhino it does show 4 rows, but it is actually 5 rows of which one row is hidden. Resetting the width fixes it but doesn’t save it. So this is something you will have to do everytime you open a file.

A way how to remember this setting would be nice.

i see that this is pretty slow, you may have to give it some time to adjust, i tried on the latest wip and it saves it actually. quitting rhino and restarting shows the toolbar as i left it. but when i pulled it out that its bigger and restarting again it took about 10 seconds to adjust to the widh having an empty row at first.

Running latest WIP aswell, not a matter of waiting in my case.

Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you use ExportPreferences and post the file here? I simply cannot reproduce this on my end.

Hi Dan, thanks for coming back to it. After installing Rhino 5.4 I thought this issue got fixed, but was wrong. When opening a new file the Tool button pallet looks fine, but after saving the file and reopening the Tool pallette rows are shifted to 5 and need to be dragged back to 4 rows to show the hidden icons.

Rhino5.4.plist (168.4 KB)

Sorry, I need a little more hand-holding here.

You mean 5 columns, don’t you? You’re talking about seeing this?

Am I on the right track?

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