Layout wish: I want multiple pages and page masters

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Hi Gustavo,
Can I get the details on this wish?
The Rhino model can have multiple layouts and it prints multiple layouts.
So what else does multiple pages mean?

What will Page Masters do for you?
You can import layouts from another model with the ImportLayouts.
What comes in is a LayoutPage and all the contents, like title blocks and details.
But the details look at what is in Model space in that model.

Appreciate your ideas. Now get some lunch.:slight_smile:
Mary Fugier

Hi Mary,

For me that means a way to overview all pages as thumbnails.
Get more than a couple of pages and having to click through the tabs to get to different pages is tedious.
Something to organize layouts; have an overview, sort them via drag/drop.
Basically a digital version of this analog setup:

As for ImportLayouts; that is a rather obscure feature and to be honest I do not use it just because of that.
I would need to setup a folder with various files that contain Template Layouts. Still I’d have to Browse to that folder and pick a template. There is no visual reference on what the layouts look like like.
How about this:
In V6 there is an extra option for the command Layout.
The dialog can setup a new page from scratch or we can choose to select a template layout.
They are stored in a folder much like the Template files are now. They contain Layouts thar are imported when they are chosen as a template layout. We can setup our own or use some that are shipped with Rhino.


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Hi Mary, what Willem shows here is what I want. I want to see all pages at once in the viewport. Also be able to re-arrange pages, duplicate pages, etc.

If you have access to an Ipad you can take a look at the app Penultimate from Evernote Corp. (its free) they do a goo job on this multi-page interface.

…ideally we should be able to also see page grouping beyond a grid, so we can group ideas in different piles, like we do in physical paper at a design review.

By Master I mean that I should be able to go to a mode where I apply a master object to a page (like a project title, or a company logo) and that object gets seen/updated in all pages, but I edit it from a single common master. It’s basically a block, but for layout, and not using the blocks interface, which is too confusing.

Makes sense?



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