Layout question

Is there a way to order the new Layouts panel so it numbers the layouts based on where I’ve put them in the list, not when they were created?

Currently, if I create a new layout Rhino numbers it based on when I created it, so if I have 40 layouts and I create a new layout, Rhino calls it Page 41.

But I have to work with many layouts and they often have to be re-ordered. So, for instance, right now I’m working on a drawing that has 44 layouts. I need to add a page after P21. Rhino will call that Page 45. To keep everything in sequence for printing as multiple layouts, I have to renumber that page as P22 and then I have to renumber all of the rest of the pages following it.

I hope that makes sense.

I’m on Mac but can’t you do something like this on Windows?

Hi @arail-

Not really : )
It looks like that is a bug in Rhino 6 on Mac.
… and in Rhino 7 on Mac, apparently, you can’t print multiple pages.
I’ll get those on the list.

You are right @wim, it won’t print in the modified order.

What?? I hope that’s not a new feature…

As I said, I’ll get those on the list.

Thanks Wim, really appreciate your work. I’m just a little tired about how buggy V6 for Mac is behaving for me, hence my comment.