Layout still painfully slow to work in and many reported bugs still present

Working in a semi complex file the layouts are sluggish to work in.

  • Most of the time the only way I can open pages is by opening the layout panel from the panels, these open but still take time. If I click on a page number from the tab located at the bottom nothing usually happens unless I first open the layout panel and open the pages there then I can select pages.

  • Rhino generates large files even at 72 dpi, I reported this sent a file and never heard back from tech.

  • Images imported via picture into a layout become darker in gamut, this I already reported months ago and is still not addressed.

  • Selecting a detail and moving things is time ridden and feels buggy.

  • Cutting and pasting text is time ridden.

I don’t see how anyone can do a vast amount of pages without layout being ridiculously slow. I just wish layouts could work like regular Rhino currently for me it’s buggy and really slow to work in and just selecting a page is time ridden.

But I am really grateful of the pdf employment in Rhino it’s a huge strength and is for me the primary way I share work done in rhino. Also love that I can use a worksession to get other models into the pdf.
Hope these issues can be addressed.