Printing layouts won't preview in print preview and when printing to PDF results in camera clipping

I had a file that was working well for outputting layouts as PDF in rhino 7 WIP, put today it started having a lot of inconstent issues with the layout views.

here are some cropped images to show what I’m experiencing.

here is what I see in the layout view…

print preview no linger shows anything…

here is what I see in the resulting printed pdf file (camera clipping front and back)…

I’d really appreciate some help as I’m scoping out whether rhino can be relied upon to automate our product documentation and Specifications and mostly it’s working well, but with a number of painful exceptions like this one.

the file contains proprietary info or else I would post it.

I updated to the latest rhino build today, but it was after the issue started and the problem persists even in the new build.


@stevebaer ?

Are you using the WIP that was released today? Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here.

Thanks for having a look!

You are a week behind on the V7 WIP. Please get this week’s WIP; I know I fixed an issue in this area over the last week.

A link for getting the latest WIP can be found here


just started installing this one, is it the correct one?

Latest WIP fixes the issue. Thanks for the quick response @stevebaer

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