Layout Space Dimension Scale Different Between Radial and Linear

Something’s wrong. It’s happening with all my dim styles, but I haven’t changed any settings. Radial dimensions appear to be reading an inch as a foot (and a 12th of an inch as an inch). See gif below

(On another project I currently have open, the radial dimensions are scaled properly but the linear ones are off. ) I have closed and openined the project, and closed and opened Rhino to a Template created long before this problem, and rebooted my computer. The problem remains. I suppose it’s a corruption or a setting somewhere I’ve inadvertently changed.

Any Linear dimension is in a strange state also, as in image below: if I select it, its unit display in properties has the scale off by 1/12th, but it displays on the page in the correct units. Whatever is happening seems to be happening globally, as this is happening for all my annotation styles for all projects now. Previously drawn annotations seem correct, but new ones are anomalous in this way.

Hi @djhg,
Thank you for the 3DM file, the link to the forum and the SystemInfo to
We were able to duplicate it here with your file, however we were not able to duplicate it in a new file.

This is some type of corruption, and I have logged a bug so the developers can look your file in a debug version of Rhino. Hopefully they can see where the incorrect value is being introduced and override it.

The radial dimension are behaving like there is a 12 in linear factor.

But Properties only displays a 1:

If you set linear factor on these dimension to 1/12 or .08333, then the text displays equivalent to the linear dimension.

I have logged:
RH-67328 Radius and Diameter DimText Incorrect

I will let you know when hear back on this issues.

Max Fugier

Thankyou. That deals with the issues wrt to the Radial dimensions.

(I have now carefully tested both a template and a project starting from scratch. It’s easy to miss the radial dimension error because it only happens dimensioning in layout space. The issue is indeed present in all projects, including projects I’m opening from three months ago. Dimensioning arcs in layout space isn’t a frequent requirement, so I can’t know how long this has been an issue. I happened to be working on a Full Scale detail hence the recent discovery.)

But the linear dimensions aren’t registering correctly in the system, it seems. Please note that though they are displaying correctly, internally the system is recognizing them as a 12x number as per the illlustration at the end of my OP. Perhaps this is a clue to the nature of the corruption, and that it may extend beyond radial dimensions.

Hi @djhg,

We are not seeing this. So we need your help.

  • We use the distance analysis command and compare it to the value for the linear dimension, and they are the same.
  • We use the curve length command and compare it to the value for the curve length dimension, and they are the same.
    See the attached video.

Please reply to our existing support email thread and attached the simplest file possible to show us your issue.

Do not forget to include the steps and commands and you are using. A video is ok too. Make sure we can see the entire Rhino screen and from where the commands are being initialized.

Thanks for your help.
Max Fugier

  1. Select any linear dimension. Note its displayed value. In my example below it reads correctly, as expected: 1-3/4"
  2. With that dimension selected, look at Properties Panel
  3. Look at the input field where the “<>” is.
  4. Look at the window below it. It contains a number 12x the correct value. In the case of my example below, 1’-9". It would read 1-3/4" if the Rhino was healthy. I believe this points to a corruption under the hood of the linear dimensions, which seems related to the 12x corruption in the radial.
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As requested above, this will help expedite your issue.
Unfortunately, we also would like steps to do this in a new file.
Can you email and provide this for us?

Max Fugier

Thanks Mary. Thought it’s prsent with any file, and I’m using the same file I’ve uploaded previously to demonstrate it, it appears that you need it uploaded with a new file and perhaps a video to describe what i described above and illustrated with the image. I hope to get to that soon around the deadlines I’m working under.

RH-67328 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16