Layout ratio

Where can I set the ratio on the Properties of the Page Layout on Mac Rhino as shown in these images which were taken from the Win version?

Hi, take a look at the screenshots.

And for the scale, click on the edge of the layout detail, then open the properties window (only parallel viewports)

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Thanks for the reply maxz. I’m trying to understand your steps. I still cannot find an edit button nor a Layout : Model scaling ratio option…

Thanks for your reply jespizua. I know where the layout is and the layout properties window but as you can see there is only the option to change the size of the layout window. I would like to define the ratio scale of the actual model to the one that will be on the layout ( Layout : Model ) . Sorry if I wasn’t clear, or maybe I’m just overlooking a simple step but I cannot find it anywhere, nor can I find it on the manual…

So, you want to change the scale of a detail? Take a look at the screenshot.

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Ah right! I understand now what maxz said about the edge of the detail. Stupid me, I wasn’t clicking there for some reason. Thank you for the help guys!

Right. The display scale inside a layout Detail, is a Property of the Detail object itself, so it has to be selected.

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I understand now what maxz said about the edge of the detail.

Another interesting feature is that you can add dimensions on the Layout Page itself, without activating the Layout Detail viewport (i.e. do not doubleclick inside the detail), and they will show the actual dimension as in your model space, acknowledging the scale of the detail but maintaining the actual font size you selected. Saves you adding extra large dimension sizes in the model itself.

As an example, look at these two dimensions, both are 4 mm text height and 4 mm arrow size, the black one is placed in model space, the green one is placed on the Layout Page, in a 1:5 scale detail:



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