Lay-Out to scale


How can I bring the Lay -out to scale?
Just today I downloaded the new version for Mac.
My Colleague has the same program with a windows system but it looks quite different. He is a passionate Rhino User and can also not figure it out.

In the Drawing Area I draw in scale 1:1 but in the Layout area I would like to have for example
a scale from 1:50 or 1:25. How can I do it?

Looking Forward for any help!

Thanks very much!!!


That is covered in these tutorials:

Hi Marleen,

Select a Layout detail by single-clicking on the edge (do not activate by double-clicking). In the Inspector panel (right), choose “Objects” in one of the windows (the two concentric circles icon). In the Layout Detail part, you will find/set the scale of your detail. This only works for orthogonal details like top, right, front, etc., but not for perspective details (since scale is not meaningful there).