Frustrations with layouts

I normally don’t fool with layouts for my own work, but I’ve got a customer who wants a front and side view on the same page so I’m trying. I wish they worked easier. I can’t seem to change the size of the detail once I’ve put it down in the layout. Is there a way? I figured out how to make the scales the same in both views. Why should they be different?aluminum-canopy.3dm (807.2 KB)
Why do the dimensions become so huge in the layout, different from what they are in the view? I have to change the size of the text to get it readable. Why?
Somebody tell me how to change the size of the detail, please, if that is possible.

See if this helps:

You can turn on your gumball and use the red and green squares to adjust the size of your details…
For the text scaling it’s best if you read the wiki file John Brock sent a link to.

Found how to resize the detail frame. I managed somehow to set what view would be displayed. Layout is not easy to use. Glad I don’t have much call for it.