Layout Print Extremely Slow and Inaccurate

The preview window takes a long time to load when printing layouts using the “Technical” display mode with sections and hatches. Additionally, changing any setting, like page size or orientation, takes a long time.

In addition, the output is very messy, with some lines very thick, some lines completely missing, and some that should not even be visible. I’ve tried to set all lines as thin as possible (both in the section styles and view settings).
I’m trying to replicate the VisualARQ “Hidden” display mode (IMO, this is how “Technical” should behave by default). But I can’t find the right combination of settings to get a clean vectorised result like “Hidden” Provides.

Is there a better way to achieve this type of view? (Make 2D is not a valid option!)

PDF Print: Bad result.

Layout in Viewport: Desired Result

Layout in Viewport (print display on): also bad

Hi Nick -

We’ve had this on the list as RH-77627 and the fix for that should be in the next public Beta.

Vector output from technical display modes is still very much in its infancy and is under active development. If you could share a simplified model that shows issues, that would help that development.

Ok, Great to hear. Looking forward to the update.

Understood. Good to know it’s coming finally! I hope it comes soon. I’ve emailed the file to

I’m sure there have been many cries like this… If I may present my argument in urgent support of developing the capability:

To my knowledge, Rhino is the only legitimate CAD software where it is not really possible to create “real” technical drawings. At least not easily or without convoluted workarounds or plugins.

Rhino is a fantastic modelling software, but those using this professionally should be able to properly document their digital creations in order to have them produced in the real world. This should definitely be a standard feature.