Layout Functionality

If you enable double click to edit text and dimensions. Plus enable full tool pallet in Layouts, Rhino for MAC would be a commercial product. Not being able to finish off design to the detailed 2D level, is still crucial in manufacturing and production.

Please please please update ASAP.


if i understand you correct you want to double click the text and then edit it directly in the viewport? at least i hope that you mean that and would be lovely indeed while increasing the workflow of course, nothing worse than having a mouse firework to click on text then go to the textfield to edit it there, its complicated and time consuming.

Yeah. PC version is much more direct. The other thing is the tools for drawing in paper space are not in the palette, i.e. draw line etc etc.

Its close… but no Cigar.

Would be nice!

You could always create a pop-up with your favourite tools, and dedicate a mouse button to it (macro: _ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=Popup _UnderCursor=Y You can use any name instead of “Popup” when you have created a tool pallet with a different name). After all, there should not be many that you need to “finish off the design”, as you say. Text editing is cumbersome, I agree.