Layouts & scaled viewports WIP

Hi guys,

Please could you give me an idea of when viewports and layouts etc are planned to be added to the WIP?

I’m smarting a bit from not being able to create working drawings and tempted to look into another program to scratch this itch in the meantime.

On another note, does anyone know of a decent CAD package (free if possible, I want to stick with Rhino for the long run) where I can export my 2D from Rhino and create nice layouts?



They won’t be for this version. The first “commercial” version will be released without these features.


Yeah I saw that a little while ago, slipped my mind. Bugger.

Does that mean there will be a markedly different price tag as the windows version has more bells and tassels? Seems a little unfair to penalise those of us who have moved over to Mac.

It’s distinctly possible…